JUNE 4–JULY 23, 2016
Opening Friday, June 3, 8 PM
Artist talk Saturday, July 16, 2 PM

The flags smell of an anonymous, universal newness; the whiff of a petroleum-based rainbow of fibers and dyes. When I stand up and hold the edges, the tight package-pressed folds fall open. There they are: Crayola primary and secondary colours. This is seemingly what is left of alternative inclinations, Queer temporalities, and “free” sexualities.

While these objects are signs produced by politics and markets, there are also other possibilities for signification. Through a reciprocal process of organizing and breaking apart the organization of constant flows of signs and objects, things that made sense prior stop making sense anymore—the production of Queer politics as rendered within these flags moves offshore to another factory. The nonsensical is rewoven, fixing you to an “I” or unmaking the “I” by crossing individuals, becoming trans-individual. These processes are contradictory; they run across and through representation, subjection, causing machinic action. The moment when you don’t know yourself again is the moment when asignification crosses your category and with it your relationship to the propertied self.

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233 Carrall Street
Vancouver, BC, V6B 2J2
Tuesday–Saturday, 12–5pm